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The enormous health benefits of Cannabidol (CBD) cannot be overemphasized, it can be taken into the body in several ways such as inhalation of cannabis vapor or smoke, by mouth, and as an aerosol spray into the cheek. It is in the light of these many benefits that CBD has to offer that we at Green Lodge have set out to project the potency of natural and organic Cannabis to our customers. We want people to know about the many potent health benefits that CBD has to offer human race and this is why we will be highlighting certain products that have been formulated using naturally blended cannabis for health benefits of people.

Discover the Power of Natural CBD Oils

At Green Lodge, we are committed to promoting brands and the application of natural-based ingredients that help people live a happy and healthy life. Through our line of CBD oil products such as Soulera, we aim to promote the many benefits of medical cannabis oil to people across the globe.

CBD (Cannabidol) is a naturally occurring compound that is found in the hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa). At Green Lodge, we believe that organic CBD is capable of improving the lives of individuals suffering from certain physical and mental and ailments. The products we promote are a product of several years of medical researches that are science based. Over the years, scientific research has proved that cannabis oil is therapeutic for people with conditions such as;

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep disorders among others

Our primary goal at Green Lodge is to bring the highest grade organic cannabis oil in the market to the knowledge of our numerous customers and followers. Soulera is made from CBD based ingredients that is derived from 100% Organic hemp plant and it is free of additives and preservatives.

Soulera is a result of many years of research to formulate a perfect blend of natural plant-based ingredients to offer several health benefits for human beings. It is a stress reliever that helps to boost vital energy, makes you sleep well, increases your stamina, and it improves your emotional outlook.

Soulera contains CBD and Adaptogens; adaptogens are natural healing plants that helps to balance, restore and balance the body. Soulera is specially formulated to improve the function of every cell in the body as positivity in each cells of the body will naturally translate to a healthier body organ and system.

What is CBD?

Cannabidol (CBD) is one of the many non-psychoactive cannabinoids that is found in hemp plant. CBD is characterized by its ability to act on cannabinoid receptors that are found in all parts of the body. CBD and other cannabinoids such as THC, and Hash are naturally occurring compounds that have potent anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. Cannabidol offers several health benefits that help to promote the healthy regulation of the central nervous, endocannabinoid, and immune systems.

How Can CBD oil be derived?

The cannabidol oil can be derived from flowers of cannabis plants and it is majorly known to be concentrated in its resin glands or trichomes. These glands contain oil that is rich in CBD which differs in quality and quantity between different strains of the cannabis plant. The active CBD available in flower can be purified and concentrated using precise production techniques. When oil of high potency and concentration is derived from the glands, then it can be used in lesser dosage. This lesser dosage helps to save money as CBD oil is an expensive product but it produces the desired effect.

As the oil is in liquid form, it can be consumed orally without smoking and can be easily administered to children and adults for whom it is prescribed as medication. Though hemp plant is used for several industrial products and it is also used as biofuel, the seeds and flowers of the plant are used to produce oil that is an active ingredient in several medical therapies for animals and humans.

Production of CBD Oil

There are several methods with which CBD can be produced; we will be talking on the industrial method in which it can be produced. The industrial production of CBD oil is done by combining the cannabinoid-rich plant with other compounds like butane, CO2, ethanol or olive oil among others. This method results in the residues being left in the final product. The most important aspect of CBD oil extraction is making the right selection of plant to be used for the extraction of the oil. The cost of the final product will depend on its potency and purity which can be controlled by the oil extraction technique employed.

Research over the years have shown that there is no right method to be employed in the extraction of CBD; it all depends on the choice that one decides to use. Here’s our advice on how to find the best CBD for you:

  1. Do as much research as possible about CBD.
  2. Decide on what brand you trust and if it makes you comfortable, then go for it.
  3. After you have decided on a brand, you can go a step further to try out edibles, tinctures, capsules, concentrations to see which one is more effective for you and find out if it’s a good fit for your daily lifestyle.

What are Cannabis Extracts?

Cannabis extracts are most importantly known to be more potent than the standard cannabis buds. Cannabis extracts over the years have proven to be effective for patients suffering from all sorts of ailments and diseases. If it is properly prepared, cannabis concentrate is similar to the cannabis strain from which it is extracted; it’s smell, taste, and effects are simply more pronounced due to the larger concentration by weight.

It is recommended that the extraction of cannabis concentrates should be handled by well-trained professionals because of the process that is more complex and potentially hazardous.

The medicine properties of CBD oil will help to give credence to reasons why hemp can become legal in parts of the world where it is not yet legal and this will encourage its cultivation as well. Since CBD oil is derived from hemp, which is a strain of cannabis, people had apprehensions about this product but now with widespread media coverage usage it has become common in therapy clinics to cure several ailments. CBD is one of the many cannabidols that exist naturally in the cannabis plant along with THC. There is a difference between plants rich in CBD and those rich in THC as the former is called indica-dominant plants while the latter is referred to as sativas rich plant. While sativas rich plants give an uplifting feeling, the indica rich plants give the body a relaxed feeling that is recommended for people in acute pain.

CBD oil is curative and non-psychoactive

The CBD oil derived from cannabis plant is ideal for treating children and adults with epileptic/seizures disorders. This is because of its low content of THC which is the main compound responsible for giving pot smokers a high when they take marijuana. In view of the curative powers of CBD oil several states within the United States are legalizing its possession among people that are not related to its research. CBD rich oil is also used as a major ingredient in vaping oil for use in e-cigarettes which can gradually reduce smoking as it does not have the ill effects of regular nicotine rich tobacco smoke that can destroy the lungs over a period of time.

Effects of CBD on the Body

CBD works on the body by acting on the endocannabinoid system; the main function of the endocannabinoid system is to maintain homeostasis and also help the body to adapt to external stressors. Cannabis is a type of supplement phytocannabinoids that acts like the endocannabinoids to help boost the body with energy beyond what it naturally produces.

Receptors for cannabinoids are found in the reproductive, digestive, immune, and nervous systems of the body. Cannabinoids due to its presence in almost every system of the body has the ability to regulate inflammation, neurotransmitter function, metabolism, and mitochondrial function.

Importance of CBD as Preventative Medicine

Cannabinoid therapy is connected to the part of the biological matrix where both the brain and body meet. CBD oils help to alleviate society anxiety in other to reduce rheumatoid arthritis. However, you have to be sure that you are not pregnant or any medication that can contradict the effects of cannabis oils in your body. The many benefits of CBD are as follows;

  • It improves mood disorders: It’s ability to work directly on the brain receptors which is often known as serotonin. Lower levels of serotonin can help to prevent to prevent depression and anxiety.
  • It lowers Inflammation: It has the ability to induce T-regulatory cells and suppresses cytokine to protect the body from attacking itself; a condition that can help to improve autoimmune conditions.
  • It helps to reduce chronic pain by inhibiting the transmission of neuronal through pain pathways.
  • It helps to aid gut health: It helps to heal the leaky junctions that decreases spasmodic activity and contributes to intestinal permeability that takes place in the irritable bowel syndrome.
  • It helps to prevent seizures and epilepsy in children.
  • It helps to Reduce the risk of Obesity and Diabetes: Research have shown that most users of cannabis have smaller waist circumferences, a lower body mass index, and they are less liable to become obese or diabetic.
  • Lowered Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases and Better Cholesterol Profiles: Research and studies have shown that regular users of cannabis have higher blood levels of high density lipoprotein (HDL-C) which is known as good cholesterol and they have lower levels of LDL-C which is known to be responsible for bad cholesterol.
  • It reduces the risk of having cancer: It has been discovered that cannabidol helps to prevent tumors and the growth of colon cancer.
  • CBD is neuroprotective and thus, helps to create trauma resilience and maintains brain health.
  • The antioxidants in CBD oils help to protect and heal the skin.
  • Protects against Broken Bones and Bone Diseases: Studies and researches have shown that CBD has the ability to block enzymes that destroy bone-building compounds in the body in order to reduce the risk of age-related bone diseases such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.
  • CBD helps to cure insomnia and other forms of sleep disorder

Side Effects of CBD

Just as every other drugs or medications, CBD has certain side effects especially when it is abused. Although most of these side effects are mild, if you experience any of it stop using CBD and see your doctor. Some of these side effects are as follows;

  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Bloating

How Does CBD Oil Work for Acne?

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil have made it a potent antidote for acne. It helps to reduce the visible inflammation caused by clogged air follicles. It is used to treat acne either as a lotion or as cream or in pill form.

It activates the endocannabinoid system, which includes anandamide, which regulates the cell growth. When the cell growth is not balanced, it can have negative impacts on the skin. CBD oil can also inhibit overactive oil production which can cause acne.

The main benefit of using CBD oil over prescription medications for acne is because of its ability to target the cells causing the problem while it leaves the healthy cells alone and it does not have the side effects such as irritated and dry skin that other acne medication has.

If you have tried several medications and prescriptions for acne and you are not getting desired result or these medications are having certain side effects on your skin, try CBD oil as it offers other benefits to your skin aside just curing acne. Remember it is natural, and natural based ingredients have higher potential of working wonders with little or no side effects at all.

The potency in of CBD oil has gained ground in the medical world and as such it has enjoyed huge acceptance and it has been legally approved for use across several states in the United States.